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Savory Wins 2022 Comparably Award for "Best Outlook 2022"

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Around here it's feast or feast

We are people investors first well before we invest into brands, properties and growth. At Savory, we’re restaurant operators at the core and have done anything and everything that our partners and restaurateurs have done and are doing on a daily basis. We love the industry and have built a team of 60 F&B veterans with diverse backgrounds to help each of our companies succeed in any market.

We are looking to partner with exciting and beloved brands across the U.S. and helping them realize their desire to become a legacy brand in the regions they serve. 


Food is Love

Savory partners with restaurateurs to expand unique brands that target unique, new and undiscovered parts of the food & beverage industry. Each brand is a leader in their respective fields even before Savory and the Value Add Team gets involved.


From two stores to twenty and beyond

The journey for operators with 2-20 units is a tough one. Where do you turn? Who do you talk to for advice when you are not like the “big guys” in the industry. Savory has decided to invest into YOU—to educate the market how to take this journey from 2 units to 20, and beyond, with or without us. A rising tide lifts all boats, and we want everyone to win.

Welcome restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, and eat..eurs

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